To E-LIFT there is nothing more important than having trusted partners with core values that match our own. Together with our partners, we offer state-of-the-art products and services. The strength of these partnerships is reflected in the affordable, sustainable, reliable and user-friendly charging solutions and related products. See below an overview of E-LIFT’s strategic partners.


VDL RPI manufactures the casings of E-LIFT’s charging solutions. This strategic collaboration allows us to deliver large quantities of charging stations within 4 weeks, leaving no room for empty promises. Through VDL RPI’s ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 certification, we can guarantee the quality of our casings. VDL RPI is part of the VDL Groep. This partnership provides E-LIFT with access to 107 companies within the VDL Groep and their networks worldwide.

Phoenix Contact is a global leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering and automation. Together with E-LIFT, Phoenix Contact has designed an open-source controller for our charging stations. It is a smart solution that is future-proof and expandable with various systems and sensors. This makes Interoperability and scalability a guarantee. With more than 60,000 products, there is always certified innovative products in stock!

Shuttel alleviates customers entirely of any inconvenience concerning mobility. With only one card you are guaranteed hassle-free access to virtually all forms of mobility. Shuttel's vision fits in seamlessly with E-LIFT’s. Mobility should be accessible to everyone in our dynamic society. Together with Shuttel, we are developing new service concepts in the fields of mobility, energy, digitalization and data science for organizations that are ready for the future!

Kamp Coating provides a sublimation coating solution for E-LIFT’s charging points. Our collaboration with Kamp Coating enables us to offer any kind of personalization to our clients and partners. Kamp Coating Group serves its clients from its four coating locations in Apeldoorn, Emmen, Vianen and Efté Coating in Eindhoven. As specialists in innovative surface treatments, such as KTL, powder coating, wet painting, anodizing and sublimation, they give our products a new look and extend the life cycle of our charging solutions.

TSG Charge is our trusted partner for the installation of our charging solutions. TSG is not only a reseller of E-LIFT’s charging stations, but they are also responsible for all preparatory work (e.g., power supply), installation, maintenance and support. Our collaboration with TSG includes the installation and the sale of our charging solutions in the Netherlands. TSG Charge is part of TSG Netherlands B.V. with more than 3,000 employees in 28 countries.

E-Flux provides a modern backend system, charging cards and dashboards. This offers insight into the performance of each charging station or charging hub with coverage throughout Europe via its unique roaming construct. E-Flux’s open and flexible concept fits is a perfect fit for E-LIFT. Together we are exploring flexible charging possibilities in the Netherlands and across its borders.

ihomer connects charging stations to the rest of the digital world. They have developed an open and globally accepted protocol, OCPP, for communication between charging stations and backend systems. This allows you to choose the software and hardware of your choice. OCPI enables consistent information transfer in those same backend systems to other systems. Together with ihomer, we are creating new software applications based OCPP 2.0. This allows us to optimize performance and data collection of our charging solutions. Furthermore, we are jointly developing new concepts to continue innovating in the eMobility market.

Climate Signs stands for sustainable product development, achieving an energy-neutral environment and the introduction of social impact innovation. E-LIFT uses biobased, refurbished and circular traffic signs of Climate Signs. These unique traffic signs are at the very least climate neutral. You also have the option of traffic signs that have a negative footprint of -3.09 kg of stored CO2. In this way, we can expand our EV charging hubs with equally environmentally responsible traffic signs.

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