E-LIFT alleviates any inconvenience concerning electric charging. We start by assessing your situation and guide you throughout the complete installation process. Within a few weeks, you will be all set and ready to charge!


Personalized service to suit every situation and location


You are interested in a charging station or an entire charging infrastructure and have no idea how to start. The range of options on the market and the overload of information can raise more questions than answers. At E-LIFT we are happy to help clarify your question(s) and provide customized advice. Well begun is half done!


Now that you’ve chosen the charging station that suits your needs, we will proceed with the site survey. What needs to be done? Where will we get the electrical power from? What kind of work needs to be done to create an ideal situation? This inspection is carried out by an experienced technician who, based on the site survey, draws up a report to ensure the installation runs as smoothly and safely as possible.


Once the inventory has been made, and the wishes, requirements and options have been mapped out, we can provide you with the customized advice you have been looking for. Our next step is consultation. Naturally, our advice can be adjusted, if so required, based on your feedback. When the research phase is completed, we will move on to the installation process.


We will install the charging station(s) or charging hub in accordance with the agreements made. We guarantee delivery and installation will take 4 to 6 weeks – from the order submission to the start of the installation process. After installation, you will receive from us a manual for the use of your charging station.


Once the installation is complete, we will assess and test the installed charging station(s) or charging hub together. Because quality and dependability are two of our core values, we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our products before the handover. Additionally, we will guide you through the optimal use of the installed charging solution(s). At the end of this process, we will require your signature to finalize our report.


At E-LIFT we guarantee durability of our charging stations. They are rock-solid, weatherproof, anti-theft, and include expansion capabilities. To ensure the longevity of the charging station, we offer various service and maintenance packages, in addition to a 12-month guarantee of the installation and charging solution. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, we will provide rapid support to solve the problem. Outside the guarantee period, you can choose to enter our service and maintenance program. It consists of annual maintenance as well as problem-solving within the response time stipulated in your chosen service package.

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